nothing is private anymore. gaah!

leave credit and debit card at home

and just bring cash all the time is my plan for next week. once i get the imac tomorrow i shall execute this plan and save money,for crying out loud. ive been spending way too much on things i dont need and its not helping me. i cant even keep track of how much i spend everyday anymore. -.- 

i expected to have a lot of extra money by today but no. idk where the fuck it went -.-

*note to self.


ok. so i was on youtube jus moments ago and was gonna watch a new movie trailer that was on my subscription list. it was called dream house, so im like, yea i should check this out. so i clicked it and watched the first few parts up to the part where the background music changed into a horror music. im like, holy fucking… wtf?!! dont get me wrong, i watch horror movies. but not when im alone. i wont even dare watch horror movie trailers cause i get scared so fucking easily. and the problem with this one was that i thought it was actually a drama film or so, so i didnt expect that it was gonna be like thriller or something. so i didnt finish the trailer and just closed the video when it got to the scary part. you know that part where the guy opens the basement door and jus looks down on the fucking dark room. idk. even just that scares me already. and its 2am right now. im in my room and all the lights in the house are probably turned off…shit..and i was planning  to go get food in the kitchen but im having second thoughts right now cause of that frikkin video. -.-

i jus hate it

when my brother uses his job as an excuse to not do shit in the house, and when he’s not working and i come home from work, he still doesnt do shit. im like GTFO. i bet you he only leaves his room when he’s off to work, to shower, to go out, to eat or to fucking pee. lazy ass guys pmo. -.-

my Patronus is a horse xD niice


pissed off

but hey. i got more reasons to be glad than to be mad. happy canada day! :D


Alona Beach Resort. Panglao Island, Philippines.

The pool was supposed to be closed cause it was under “treatment”. Me and my cousins dunno what chemicals they put in there but we went in anyways. :P

Fort San Pedro. Cebu, Phillipines

father’s day -.-

some of my friends complain about their dads scolding them when they do something wrong. they complain when their dad yells at them, gets them grounded or hits them. well i gotta say, my dad never did ANY of those. NEVER. hes a quiet type, my dad. never said a word. i cant remember the last time he got mad. cant remember the last time he cursed, smoked or even drank alcohol. fuck i cant even remember his face! LOL cant even remember the last time i saw him either -.-

all kidding aside, if my dad and i would ever see each other again, i honestly wouldnt know what to say. 

"wadup dad! its been 19 years." ? LOL anyways. i guess i can still thank him right? not thank him for not being there my whole life, but thank him cause if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be here in the first place! yeah yeah wev heard that before. lol. but watever. thanks Raul. :P

so when my friends complain about how strict their dads are, i tell them how lucky i am for not having a strict father. ;)



we havent gotten to our final destination yet but so far its been fun.

10 hour flight to korea. 4 movies. blackjack. music. awkward sleeping position. nonstop eating :P waiting in korea. a 5,600 worth kim chi. carry on bag literally falling down an escalator. -.- another 4 hour flight to cebu. food! warm frikkin weather. more food!! waiting 7 hours for the next check in :) and still waiting for another hour.

looong friggin day xD but its all gonna be worth it!! :D


its one of those days

when your parent makes comments about you being lazy and shit after youve helped out cleaning and all. after you went with them to the grocery store and cooked for them. i mean, are out of your mind? maybe i was, for talking back, but somebody’s gotta say something. although i admit, i shudnt have done that, cause i just made the situation even worse.ugh -.- . so lesson learned. you cant talk back to your parents even if you know your right, cause theyre always right. jus keep your thoughts to your self.


olympic event downtown.saturday night

random guy: hey are you american?

me: uhmm no?

random guy: GOOD! wooo! (starts dancing)